Create a responsive web-mapping app in minutes, with support for all major GIS data types, and advanced functionality built-in.

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About Bootleaf

The original Bootleaf project was written by Bryan McBride.

This version of Bootleaf has been extensively revised and expanded by Stephen Lead at Full Extent, with the support of IAG.

Advanced web mapping, without custom code

Use simple configuration to build rich applications from your GIS data

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Supports GeoServer

Use WMS and WFS layers, including styling and advanced properties

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Supports ArcGIS Server

Use ArcGIS feature, dynamic and tiles layers, including ArcGIS Online

Advanced tools OOTB

Identify, Query, Bookmarks, sharing, and many more features

Open Source

Download and modify the source code to suit your projects and needs

Download the source code from GitHub

Bootleaf is open-source so you can freely download and modify it. Please consider submitting a pull-request if you'd like to contribute to the project

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See the video

This 15-minute presentation was recorded at FOSS4G Oceania, 2018


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